Mission, vision, Philosophy and objectives

Mission, vision, Philosophy and objectives


To be regarded as the gateway to exceptional library establishments responsive to the unique and dynamic practices in teaching, learning, scholarship and research landscape.


To empower the scholarly community through provision of knowledge for quality teaching and research


The Alupe University Library is dedicated to excelling in collecting, preserving, and offering access to the finest scholarly and educational resources furnished towards the provision of high quality and innovative services that stimulate creativity, intellectual curiosity and facilitate lifelong learning and research among its clients. The attainment of this is envisaged through the creation of a welcoming and comfortable, accessible physical and virtual environment. These should foster an atmosphere that encourages diversity, excellence, and continued growth by embracing openness to novel ideas and diverse possibilities leading to continued improvement and maintenance of high quality standards.


The Alupe University Library, commits to:

  1. Deliberately enhance library operations and services to support selection, acquisition, description, preservation, and enhanced access to a wide range of outstanding collections.
  2. Provide library services, programmes and resources in diverse forms to meet the varied users’ unique needs.
  3. Continually improve the physical and virtual spaces of the library to better meet the needs of our students and faculty.
  4. Dedicatedly educate clients regarding available library services, programmes and resources for effective utilization.
  5. Build collaborations with students, faculty, staff, and other institutions to identify and implement valuable, realistic and functional solutions to accomplish the University College objectives.
  6. Fortify existing and emerging teaching, learning, and research practices through custom-built services and expertise.
  7. Build an accessible, extensive, reliable and sustainable digital and technological infrastructure to enable the library effectively carry out its mandate.
  8. Retain a competent, courteous, cooperative, committed and diverse staff capable of embracing the dynamic teaching, learning, scholarship and research environment.
  9. Reliably manage the financial resources that enable the library to improve its spaces, collections, services and programs.
  10. Encourage participation by the entire University College community for constant improvement of services.